Ülle Jaakma and Lotte Strøbech in the Baltic Science Network transnational seminar on 16th November 2017

We are happy to announce that Lotte Strøbech from the University of Copenhagen and Ülle Jaakma from the Estonian University of Life Sciences had an opportunity to introduce SEARMET achievements in the Baltic Science Network transnational seminar: New Tools for Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation in Research and Innovation Programmes. Baltic Science Network transnational seminar took place in Tallinn, Art museum of Estonia/ Kumu on November 16th 2017. 

The aim of the transnational seminar was to gather input for policy measures which would help to increase participation of moderate innovators in research and innovation initiatives in the European Research Area (including the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), the EU Framework Programme, and joint activities such as Joint Programming Initiatives, EraNet, activities of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Joint Technology Initiatives, NordForsk or participation in bilateral research cooperation programmes). The BSR is considered as a test-bed to develop and implement innovative measures aimed at tackling the participation gap and widening participation in collaborative research and innovation programmes (at EU and regional level), as well as exploiting the region´s full innovation and scientific potential.

The seminar gathered a distinguished set of speakers, among them Dimitri Corpakis, an independent expert, former EU official of Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, Gunnel Gustafsson, Director of NordForsk, Wolfgang Burtscher, Deputy Director-General (Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World), Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, representatives of national ministries of research and education and research funding agencies.

We are proud that Lotte Strøbech and Ülle Jaakma had an opportunity to introduce SEARMET achievements on this international forum as a  success story of overcoming widening barriers, and present the perspectives of internationally integrated university-enterprise partnership.