Lotte Stroebech (in the middle) and Poul Hyttel from the University of Copenhagen

The aim of the SEARMET project is to improve the scientific knowledge and research excellence of the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU) in the linked fields of animal reproductive medicine and embryo technology. It will be done through different activities, for example by improving staff expertise, expanding its network of potential scientificpartners and building the overall capacity of the organization.


The research team will work to publish articles in top level scientific publications in the field, such as  BMC Genomics, PLoS One and Reproduction, Fertility and Development. The new research methods developed through this project will also help EMU to be published in a broader range of journals, such as Proteomics, Human Reproduction and Molecular and Cell Proteomics.


The SEARMET team will attend various international conferences to net-work and negotiate additional collaborative scientific projects and partnerships. Experts from UCPH and SU will be instrumental in this process, as they will provide training to EMU staff on presenting scien-tific research. UCPH and SU staff will also attend these conferences (not paid by Twinning funds) and make joint presentations when relevant. While there, UCPH and SU experts will also help EMU staff to network with researchers from other institutions.

*There are Lotte Stroebech (in the middle) and Poul Hyttel from the University of Copenhagen on this photo