Seminar for PhD students in Tartu on 12th of October

The main purpose of this seminar is to give an opportunity for PhD students from EMU and UT to present their research and receive recommendations and feedback for their future work. Each of the students will give a 15-minute presentation on specific topic as for example the last experiment that was done in the laboratory or an experiment that was just finished. Also the presentations on the future experimental project and design are suggested. After each presentation, there will be a discussion. In the result of these seminars the quality of the research will increase.

SEARMET meeting in Sheffield in July 2016

SEARMET first project meeting in UK, Sheffield took place on 17 - 23rd of July 2016. The meeting was very productive and useful. Staff people from USFD gave several interesting lectures on topics such as IP and Commercialisation at the University of Sheffield, EU grants and how to write research funding proposals. More specific reasearch presentations included topics such as "Using different implantation models in vivo and In vitro to decipher cross-talk between embryo and Mother", "Biodiversity and epigenetics; what can we learn from exotic species?", "Imaging and analysis in 5D, X,Y,Z,T,Lambda", "Characterising extracellular vesicles produced by Reproductive cells" and "Different implantation models". In the evenings our hosts from USFD had organized different entertaining events, for example hiking around the lake.




Professor Alireza Fazeli visited EMU researchers in May 2016

Professor Alireza Fazeli from the University of Sheffield visited Tartu from 29 - 31 of May 2016. He listened to presentations from the researchers of SEARMET Estonian partners, Estonian University of Life Sciences and University of Tartu. Eight students from EMU and UT introduced their work to Professor Fazeli. The whole aim of the visit was to help researchers with their research work and give them more support and useful advice on how to conduct their work. The expert from UK was also entertained outside of the academic environment. Professor Fazeli and project coordinator Hector Pagan attended Tartumaa Folk Dance Festival „HINGEPUU“ in Raadi park where Professor Ülle Jaakma from EMU was performing.

   Professors Alireza Fazeli and Ülle Jaakma during Tartumaa Folk Dance Festival „HINGEPUU“ in Raadi park. Image: Alireza Fazeli

SEARMET meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in 4 - 7th of April 2016

During our SEARMET Denmark meeting people from EMU, UT and USFD were given a tour around the facilities at the Frederiksberg Campus at UCPH. Presentations, IVF, OPU.



SEARMET kick-off meeting in Estonia in February 2016

SEARMET project official kick-off meeting took place in Tartu, Estonia in February 2016. During three days, our partners from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Sheffield were introduced to the people working for SEARMET project from the University of Tartu and Estonian University of Life Sciences. Experts from UCPH and USFD conducted several workshops for EMU's staff on topics such as how to develop innovative and effective methods for translating periconception research into course content and how to do conference presentations. Partners from Denmark and UK also had the tours of the facilities of EMU, UT and the National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research. For cultural exchange purposes, our guests were taken to South-Estonia for an Estonian dinner.