COST Action CellFit seminar

Start: 09.04.2018 00:00
End: 12.04.2018 00:00

University of Life Sciences Tartu

In vitro 3-D Total Guidance and Fitness CellFit Workshop will take place at the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu, Estonia from 9-11th April 2018.

The topic of the workshop is 3D Cell Culture and Bioprinting. The creation of tissue-like constructs in vitro requires the development and application of new approaches. At this workshop, we will hear from leading researchers developing some of the latest innovative technologies to enhance the structure and function of cultured cells.

The second day of the workshop is dedicated to intercellular epigenomics. In this meeting, we aim to gather lectures of different examples of cell to cell communication that potentially are involved with transfer of genomic materials from one cell to another cell that can affect the function and health of an individual. Recently several examples of such kind of communications have been reported in the literature for example in the case of host-pathogen communication or cancer. We think understanding these processes is of major importance for the future advancement of physiology and medicine

Registration is now open. Registration and abstract submission will be taking place through the workshop webpage

A limited number of COST grants are available for attendees of this meeting. Please check the website at: