Seminars for PhD Students

SEARMET Seminars for PhD students


The aim of these meetings is to encourage further collaborations and acceleration of research and increasing the number of publications submitted. The meetings will follow a very informal format. The PhD student or Post-Doc will be in the center of the attention. The main aim is to direct the researcher to the right path and make the project progress further with excellent results to be published in the best possible journal in the shortest time interval possible.


PhD Students from the EMU and UT have an opportunity to present their recent research or experiments to our partner from USFD, Alireza Fazeli. He will give feedback and useful recommendations for all the presentations. PhD students or post-docs working on different projects will give a presentation for 15-20 minutes of their work (background- aims of the project and the exact methods they are following and results so far). After each presentation, there is a 30 minute discussion about that exact project. There will be discussed several problems/obstacles identified and there will be recommendations what should be done till the next meeting.

Professor Alireza Fazeli has followed this format in the last 10 years in his laboratory in Sheffield. Hopefully it would be as successful in Tartu as it is in Sheffield!


These meetings will be taking place with the interval of 4 months. More information about the past seminars can be found: