Conference Attendance and Presentations: During the project period EMU's staff will make presentations at leading academic conferences in the field. EMU researchers will attend and present at five conference.

The rationale for the conferences selected include:


Annual International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) Conferences – Is a professional forum for the exchange of information among practitioners, scientists, educators, regulatory officials, livestock breeders, suppliers of drugs and equipment, and students. Members of the Society are engaged in the practice of embryo transfer in a variety of species, and in research on embryo production, transgenesis and cloning, on mechanisms regulating embryo development, and on development following embryo transfer.

Annual conference of the European Society for the Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR) – The society supports all activities to stimulate education and research in the field of reproduction, especially for clinical aspects, biotechnology and physiology of reproduction. The ESDAR conference will emphasize on the innovative research processes in the field of reproduction of domestic and wild animals.


International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) – The theme of the conference is animal reproduction, namely animal physiology, animal pathology and reproductive technology. It would give EMU the opportunity to meet researchers from outside of Europe. The conference is held once every 4 years.


Annual Scientific Conference of the European Embryo Transfer Association (AETE) - Creates a forum for the exchange of scientific, technical and practical information at a European level. It does so by uniting scientists and practitioners through special practitioner´s forums, which would also enable possible connections to industrial actors, and thus improve exploitation of research results.


Upcoming conferences:

SSR 2017 Annual Meeting, 50 Years of Research: Looking Back and Moving Forward, 12-16 July 2017 (Washington, US) 

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Fourth World Congress in Reproductive Biology, 27-29 September 2017 (Japan, Okinawa)

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Past conferences:

Annual conference of the European Society for the Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR) 27—29 October 2016 (Lisbon, Portugal)

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43rd Annual Conference of the IETS,  14-17 January 2017 (Austin, Texas)

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