SEARMET Workshop "Managing Research Projects" by project manager Hector Pagan on August 25th 2017

On 25th of August 2017, SEARMET project manager Hector Pagan conducted a workhop on topic „Managing Research Projects“ at EMU.

The main goal of the workshop was to teach PhD students and postdocs about managing their research projects and discuss the most common mistakes. Hector introduced the three elements that most funders look for when supporting projects: excellence, implementation and impact. He discussed more in deep what funders look for in each - with a focus on impact and implementation. He also shared his experiences and explained his approach to writing proposals.

As Hector Pagas has several experience in writing research proposals for different funders as well as managing different EU funded projects, PhD students were able to receive individual consultation after the workshop and receive feedback to their research proposals. In case you would like to get the slides of the meeting, please contact SEARMET project assistant Hemminki Otstavel ( or +37256354033)