SEARMET meeting in Tartu 17-19th of October 2016

Our last SEARMET project meeting took place in Tartu from 17- 19th of October. On 17th of October, project team had a Steering Committee meeting where different kind of project specific details and activities were discussed. In the afternoon, prof. Poul Hyttel from the University of Copenhagen conducted a workshop on topic "How do animal and human biomedicine benefit from each other?". Several PhD students, researchers and other staff members from EMU, UT and CCHT participated.

 On 18th of October experts from UCPH provided supervision for EMU staff in the laboratory, where they had discussions about in vitro embryo production; preparations for oocyte aspiration, IVM and preparations for OPU. In the afternoon EMU's OPU-technicians Jevgeni Kurykin and Andres Reilent carried out the procedure in Rahinge Farm. After practical part OPU IVM and discussions about IVF and IVC were conducted. At the same time, prof. Poul Hyttel from UCPH and prof. Alireza Fazeli from USFD had a tour of the facilities and laboratories of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in University of Tartu.

During the last day of the meeting, conclusions about the work at the laboratory and protocols on bovine IVF embryo production were discussed between the project partners.