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Technology Transfer Seminar by Niels Lysholm Engelhard from the University of Copenhagen

Start kell: 10:00
End kell: 15:00

EMU main building, assembly hall (Kreutzwaldi 1)

Seminar:             Tehnoloogiasiire ja patenteerimine. Kopenhaageni Ülikooli praktika

Esineja:                Niels Lysholm Engelhard, Kopenhaageni Ülikooli teadus- ja innovatsiooni osakond, tehnoloogiasiirde üksus


Toimumise aeg ja koht:               Teisipäev, 19.09 Eesti Maaülikooli aula kl 10.00-15.00

kohvipaus kl 12.00-13.00


Käsitletavad teemad:



Intellektuaalomandi varalised õigused

Patentide taotlemine:

Patenteerimise strateegia

Patendikirjandus kui ressurss

Leiutise hindamine


Intellektuaalomandi väärtuse maksimeerimise erinevad strateegiad


Litsentsilepingute läbirääkimised


Seminari töökeel on inglise keel


Registreerumine toimub 15. septembrini. Registreerimiseks palun saatke e-mail aadressile:


In English


Seminar: Technology Transfer and patenting. Experiences and practices of Copenhagen University.

Lecturer: Niels Lysholm Engelhard, University of Copenhagen, Research & Innovation, Tech Trans Office


Time and location: Tuesday, 19th of September 2017 at 10:00 – 15:00, EMU main building, assembly hall (Kreutzwaldi 1)

Coffee break at 12:00 – 13:00


Training topics will include:

Introduction to technology transfer (history, what is in it for the researchers, and other stakeholders?)

Intellectual property rights with special focus on patent rights

Patent strategy:

What is a patent?

The route from a patent application to a granted patent

The use of patent literature as a resource for the researchers

How to carry an assessment of an invention?

The commercialization process

How to identify potential commercial partners?

Different strategies to maximize the value from IP

Licensing strategies and negotiation of license agreements.


The sessions will include different tools and practical examples from the University of Copenhagen

Working language: English


Registration deadline: 15th of September. For registration, please send an e-mail to: